Who is Golden Ground?

My name is Celeste Egedy (they/she) and I am a graduate of The New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in Santa Fe. I have been a bodywork practitioner for over 11 years, currently specializing in Ashiatsu Therapeutic Massage and Cupping Therapy.


From a young age, I have maintained and nurtured a dance/movement/physical practice - an ever evolving exploration of the human form and function, how the body carries us and our stories, and its incredible capacity to heal. I have studied massage, energy work, meditation, and yoga, all in the hopes of facilitating personal growth and gaining a deeper sense of self. These practices have been of great support to me through my own encounters with anxiety, depression, stress, and physical discomfort, and I now feel dedicated to holding space for others to get in touch with their own wellness and physical experience.


My background in dance, extensive training in various modalities, and gentle and kind presence help bring a balance of artistry, attentiveness, and care to each session. I listen carefully and respond creatively to every body's unique needs. My bodywork has been described as both technical and tender and my intention is to help guide you to soften into a more spacious and grounded place within.

Thank you for being here. May we continue to find peace together.



"It’s easy to say, 'That’s the best massage I’ve ever received.' People say that all the time. That statement is definitely true of Golden Ground Bodywork, but it’s not the complete picture. Visit after visit, the level of focus and attention I receive is always consistent. Celeste’s ability to adjust each treatment based on my mental and physical state is nothing short of miraculous. And it IS the best massage I’ve ever received but it’s so much more than a massage. I feel healed, I feel mentally restored, I feel like my body and mind are repaired. Two treatments with Celeste beat a year of therapy. I’m not sure I would have made it out of 2020 without going to Golden Ground Bodywork, and it’s worth noting Celeste goes to great effort to offer a safe environment for their clients. If you are feeling stagnant, sore, physically drained, mentally stagnant or emotionally blocked, you should book an appointment immediately. It is the best gift you can give yourself or someone you love."

“Visiting Celeste is like stepping into the warm comfort of some distant glowing star. From their beautiful treatment space to the gentle presence with which they greet you, the experience is suffused with healing from start to finish. Celeste’s touch is highly intuitive and refined. Their ability to listen to your body- to really listen- is remarkable. Their touch is confident and caring, subtle yet strong and they have cultivated a deep capacity to hold a space of compassion that is truly palpable. Celeste has supported me through some of the most challenging times of my life over the last year. If you have an opportunity to receive a treatment from them, it is sure to be a transformative experience that will leave you feeling deeply held, seen, and supported on your path."

“I was first drawn to try a massage with Celeste because they are so calm, genuine and kind. They are very skilled and intuitive and they negotiate between strong touch and extremely nuanced energetic approaches that come together in a comprehensive treatment that is, hands down, the best massage I have ever received. They are a great listener, very present in the moment, and a kind, wise and friendly being of the highest quality. Celeste is an extremely gifted massage therapist and healer of body, mind, and spirit. I am grateful for the work they have done with me and I hope our relationship is a long one!” 

“Celeste is a highly intuitive, natural-born healer. I am picky about who I receive bodywork from, but I know before they even place their hands on me, that I am in for an amazing session. Celeste is strong and has a very rhythmic and flowing style, which puts my nervous system completely at ease. Their loving energy radiates effortlessly and I am at home within myself in their presence."